Building Emergency Management Team (BEMT)

The Building Emergency Management Team (BEMT) is a group of trained volunteers that perform vital functions during emergencies on campus. They provide knowledge and guidance to building occupants during incidents such as evacuations and lockdowns, helping people get to safe locations and to interact with law enforcement quickly and efficiently. They also assist in communication to building occupants regarding when emergencies occur, and when situations have been rendered safe. These individuals perform essential functions that help keep their building occupants safe and secure while on campus. 

BEMT Roles and Responsibilities 

There are three difference roles in a BEMT: 
1.    Building Emergency Manager 
2.    Communications Coordinator  
3.    Floor Manager 

Building Emergency Manager

This role, typically held by the assigned building manager, appoints and coordinates training for the rest of the BEMT. They help educate building occupants on emergency procedures using resources from departments such as OEM, FPS, and EHS. These individuals help coordinate annual evacuation drills, establish command points during an evacuation, and coordinate lockdowns should lockdown procedures be necessary. 

Communications Coordinator

The communications coordinator serves as an information relay between the building emergency manager and the rest of the BEMT, as well as the rest of the building occupants. As new information becomes available regarding emergency situations in a specific building, it is the responsibility of the communications coordinator to ensure that the appropriate people receive that information. They also help activate the BEMT should an emergency occur in their building.

Floor Managers

Floor managers are the “boots on the ground” individuals that help guide occupants on their floor to safety and ensure that people are aware that an emergency is occurring. These individuals are not being asked to become first responders however, rather they are guides and leaders that can take people with them as they evacuate or shelter accordingly and keep track of those individuals who may not have followed procedures so first responders can assist them. They also provide assistance to those individuals with accessibility needs who may not be able to evacuate or shelter in the same way others can. 

Appointment of BEMT

Assignment on the BEMT is a voluntary position that entails additional responsibilities on those involved. There should be 1 building manager, 1-2 communications coordinators, and then as many floor managers as necessary to appropriately cover all spaces within the building. It is the responsibility of the building emergency manager to find volunteers for these positions and, once found, coordinate their training.

BEMT Training

Currently, all BEMT training is given in-person by the Office of Emergency Management, but more resources are currently under development so keep an eye out! To request a BEMT training for your team, click here