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UT Emergency Website

This public facing website serves as a resource for communications about The University of Texas at Austin in the event that there is an emergency. It is part of the university's overall communications infrastructure for ensuring important information is available to the university community and the public in the event of a technical outage or emergency situation.

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Communications Tools

Emergencies may range from inclement weather, to building evacuations, to campus closures, and the university has a variety of tools to communicate with the public in the event of these and other possible emergencies.

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Closures Stage System

In the event of inclement weather, the university campus may close for a whole day or part of a day. Unscheduled weather related campus closures will be posted on the university’s Emergency Website.

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Emergency Terms

An emergency that threatens the campus will be announced by several communications means. When an emergency occurs, certain terms will be referenced that indicate specific actions to take in order to help you get to safety. We encourage our students, staff, and faculty to familiarize yourselves with our emergency terms.

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Your I.D. is Your Key

After regular operating hours, all general-purpose classroom (GPC) buildings have the ability to lock down and/or allow entry with a UT ID that has an embedded proximity access chip (applies to most UT IDs issued to students, faculty, and staff). If you need to access a classroom or lab after hours, your UT ID is your key for entry.

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Classroom Emergency Guide

UT Classroom Emergency Guides should be posted in all general purpose classrooms on campus. This document provides information and guidance on what actions to take during an active emergency on campus, relative to your classroom location. Download this template and fill in the information necessary to complete your classroom guide.

Emergency Management Resources

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Basic Emergency Kit Checklist

Have emergency supplies on hand at home, at work, and in the car. Building an emergency kit is step one when it comes to being UT Ready. Click this resource to download our basic emergency supply kit checklist and take the first step in being ready for a UT emergency.

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4 P's of Winter Preparedness

Do you know what preparedness measures you need to take for your home when subfreezing temperatures are on the way? Download our info sheet on the "4 P's of Winter Preparedness to learn how to protect your home during a winter weather event.

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Emergency Preparedness Pocket Guide

This guide assists you by providing information and resources that you may find useful during emergency situations of all kinds on campus. We distribute these at all of our outreach events for students, staff, and faculty. You can also download and print this PDF file.

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AEDs in Your Building

Automated External Defibrillators, often referred to as AEDs, are essential medical tools that can be life-saving during incidents of cardiac arrest. There are hundreds of AEDs across the UT Austin campus and J.J. Pickle research campus that we maintain. Click to see the interactive campus AED location map!

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Campus Emergency Plans

If you are interested in how the University of Texas at Austin plans for emergencies, this is the place for you. We share some brief information about the university’s emergency plans and provide you the opportunity to download some of our plans and read through them yourself!

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Employee Assistance Program During Critical Incidents

EAP counselors collaborate with campus leaders and managers to guide them in assisting employees who are affected by an incident to restore a sense of stability and safety and offer emotional support and behavioral health expertise, setting the trajectory for resilience and recovery. logo
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