Sudden Cardiac Arrest! Are You Prepared To Help Save A Life?

These tools and classes are designed to help you be prepared for an emergency requiring the use of an AED and/or CPR.

Campus AED Locations

The University Campus Map includes a layer that identifies all AED locations across campus. Please use this link to find public access AEDs on campus.


TAKE10 CPR is a compression-only CPR course that can be complete in 10-15 minutes. This quick course is designed to provide attendees the knowledge and confidence to recognize when someone is in cardiac arrest and how to respond until help arrives.

This course teaches the Three C's to TAKE10 CPR:

  1. Check for movement/breathing
  2. Call 911/Send someone for an AED
  3. Compress strong and fast for 100-120 BPM

This is not a CPR certification course. This class is a great introduction to CPR to provide confidence to respond in someone is in cardiac arrest. We still advise that all interested parties take the full 2-hour CPR certification course below. 

For more information or to sign up for a course, email:

For instructor-led, hands-on training

To sign up for CPR/AED training, login to UTLearn (UT EID required) and enter "CPR/AED Certification Training" in the search box. This is a 2-hour class offered by HealthPoint and leads to a certification card that is valid for 2 years.

Note: payment must be made in advance by check or department IDT using the CPR/AED Training Payment Form (PDF).