Building Managers

Building Managers are crucial on-campus leaders that perform a wide variety of essential functions in their buildings. From ensuring that physical spaces such as a labs and classrooms are operating appropriately to coordinating inspections and trainings, these individuals ensure that the UT Austin campus is safe, secure, and functional. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Buildings Managers serve as administrators for their designated buildings. They are key contact points for building occupants regarding issues including facilities requests, BACS door access, packaging pickup, and lab safety. Essentially, they serve as a liaison between their building and other resource departments on campus. 

Building Managers also perform a vital role in building safety. Given their familiarity with their buildings and the leadership role they hold, there are 4 key responsibilities for building managers that interface with OEM:

  1. Annual Update of Building Emergency Plans
  2. Appointment and Training of the Building Emergency Management Team
  3. Monthly Inspection of Automated External Defibrillators
  4. Scheduling of General Safety Trainings

Additional Resources

Given the amount of responsibility that building managers bear, this role requires guidance and collaboration from several different departments including the Office of Emergency Management, Facilities Services, Fire Prevention Services, and Environmental Health & Safety. While the OEM Building Managers tab is designed to provide information related to how building managers work with emergency management, there are other online resources building managers can refer to from other departments. Follow the links below to learn more about how building managers work with other departments on campus. 

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

Fire Prevention Services (FPS) 

Facilities Services