Barricade System

The Office of Emergency Management utilizes a barricade system to secure and protect multiple streets surrounding DKR Stadium. The strategic placement of these barriers mitigates the threat of unauthorized access to pedestrian streets on football gamedays as well as other special events.

The MVB 3X barricade system prevents vehicles from ramming into areas of restricted access. The technology behind these barricades transfers the momentum of a vehicle directly into the air, stopping any forward progress from being made. Some features of these barricade systems include:

  • 53 lbs. per single unit
  • Stops heavy trucks up to 7.5 tons at 30 km/h
  • Assembled without the need for tools
  • Folds for easy carrying
  • Certified by all international standards

The Office of Emergency Management prides itself on providing additional safety measures for gameday operations in order to mitigate threats and help provide a fun, safe, and secure atmosphere for the University of Texas at Austin community.

Barricade Setup